Monday, November 19, 2012

Superhero Game Update 11-18-12

My first building template.  I need to dress it up.
So I've been kind of busy.  I decided to try and throw together some background assets and get away from the yellow-legal-pad BG that I had before.  In doing so, I'm realizing that I'm probably going to need a few template buildings that I can alter and stack to try and limit the amount of work this is going to take.  I'm pretty happy with the base "brick" building that I have.  I think with alternate sign-age, awnings, and other dressing that this type of system will work.  I also put together some clouds, but seeing them in the game, I realized how depressing they look.  I'm probably going to go in and brighten them up.  Also, I added a new default hovering animation.  I have the the week off so I'm hoping to get a good deal of content added in.  Most importantly, the "catch mechanic".

Depressing clouds.  Going to brighten these up.

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