Monday, November 26, 2012

Superhero Game: Pick it Up

Odd how I'm more silent on the blog when I'm actually doing more work on the game than normal.  Craziness.  Well, I've begun tackling the on of the most important elements of the game, the carrying mechanic.  I was struggling with how to best get the NPC's (Non Player Character) to stick to a specific image point on the animation.  The idea being that I can use a static body and have the NPC and the player's arms on a separate animation that will overlap the body.  Confused? I don't blame you.  Thankfully, I've attached the above picture.

This technique will also be used when lifting other objects.  I will be setting up a different image point in Construct 2 for objects.  The forums over at were a huge help in figuring this out.  Animmaniac figured out how to use UID's to have the NPC's stick to the image point.  I'm looking into them further.  I think in the long run that I can use a similar system for switching out the player's animation when he's holding specific people or items.  Maybe even slow down the player when he has heavier items.  Who knows?

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Animmaniac's site: PRR-Art

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