Friday, November 30, 2012

Superhero Game (Build 11-30-12)

Was tinkering some more with the Superhero Game.  With the help of the Scirra Community, I was able to get the lift mechanic added in.  Also, I added some placeholder art for when the Player is flying in different directions.  Next up, I'll probably add in some placeholder images for when the player is flying their fastest.  After that, I need to get one civilian up and working to make sure everything is doing what I want it to.  Luckily, the "Families" feature in Construct 2 is making it easy to set this up for a multitude of NPC's.  I'm just now trying to think about how I'm going to add some variety.  I'd like to do more than just pallete swap, so I might have a base figure that I draw items onto.

Click the link below to go to the newest build of the game.  I'm setting up a static page that I will update with the newest versions as I update.  Its just easier in the event that someone goes to an old post and sees a link to a file that isn't there anymore.

Click Here To Go To The Most Current Build Of The Superhero Game


  1. Looks better and better! I like this camera zoom in/out depending on whether we are walking or flying - good idea!

    I'm also intrigued by the boxes on the ground. Are they in the future will be used as items for the fight? :)

    1. That's actually just one of the reasons for them. While I've just recently started thinking about objects to throw (garbage cans, mail boxes, etc), the main reason for the test is because the boxes will represent civilians that you carry. I have the box stick to weird spots, but soon they will line up with the waste. Then the normal animations will be swapped with versions of the character without his head and arms. Then the civilian you've picked up will turn into the player's head, arms, and the civilian. Hopefully it will look like a full character when they are combined.