Monday, October 22, 2012

Superhero Game V.0001

Here is as basic a functionality as a person could show right now.  I've just got the switching between Platforming and 8-Way moving working, placed some blocks to run on, and threw some rough sketches in for where I will have some of the later animations.  Regardless, it is my character running, jumping, and flying.  In time, I will have his body position change so that he can be in a laying posture as he flies.

The major bug I'm seeing now is the sliding into a new spot when pressing the Flying Button ( F ).  I'm probably going to have to find a way of getting around it here pretty soon.  I'm leaning toward finding the location of the player box when the F button is pressed and then snapping the character to that location.  Not sure if it will work but its the first thing I'll try.

Give it a shot here: Superhero Game Super Early Test
                             Most Current Build

Arrow Keys to Move
F key to Fly
* you can fall of the stage.  Never implemented a restart.  Still very early.


  1. Nice work, I think :] Animations are excellent, switching betwenn 1st and 2nd moving behavior works fine.

    About your major bug: If I were you I would not have recognized this as a big problem. But: are you sure that image points/hotspots on hero's sprites are picked in the same place of body in the whole hero's animations? I always choose the one point, for example: central point of the character's chest and pick in this point both image point and hotspot, and after that all works fine.
    Unless there is some other reason, but I think other reasons can't exist. :]

    1. Thanks. I actually got the problem fixed by using "stop 8-way movement". Turns out the game was remembering the position I was moving before the switch. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to add a little bit of a lift, just for a second when the player starts flying.

      I know I want to subtract from the Player's Y coordinate, but I don't know how to only do it for half a second. Any suggestions?

      Also, downloaded and played your game prototype. Its a lot of fun. I really like your attach drawings. I was struggling with drawing those and you definitely made me want to give it another shot.

    2. lifting up in the air is a very good idea.
      Personally, if I need to do an action performed in a specific time period, I always use a global (or private) variable.

      All you need is here:

      Please write if anything goes wrong .

      I'm very pleased because of what you wrote about my prototype game and it's graphics. Thanks a lot!

    3. That is awesome! Thank you so much. I'm at work now, but will try my best to implement it tonight. Sadly, the storm has knocked out the power at my house. I will definitely let you know how it goes and maybe upload a new build.

      Looking forward to more updates on your game. It kind of has a Yie Ar Kung-Fu feel to it. That was one of my favorite games in the arcade. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out

    4. Oh, I feel sorry for you, I hope that the power problem will soon be fixed.

      I hope the hero in your game will works fine after implementation :-]

      I haven't seen Yie Ar Kung-Fu earlier, but it's great! I did not think that at that time were already good fighting games- I thought the golden time of this genre was in 90ies, bu I was wrong :]

    5. I agree. The 90's are when fighting games really shined. The only other game I can think of before that time that was any good was Karate Champ.

    6. Yes, you're right, Karate Champ was a good game (because of interesting player blows, training mode). And by the way, this game appeared in Bloodsport movie (starring Jean Claude Van Damme) :]
      Good history of fighting game genre.

    7. You've just reminded me that I need to rewatch Bloodsport.

      Power is still out. Still looking forward to using your system for the lift. Can I ask what capture software you used for your YouTube video? I'm thinking of uploading video of the different builds.

    8. "Fraps" - it's unfortunately a payable capture software, but it is a small load for gameplay speed, it's very easy and there are many more expensive computer programs for vidro capturing.

      I know that there is also another program called "Game Cam" - it's free, but with watermark on videos, but works fine.

    9. EDIT: I just found Gregion program, and the first - it is freeware, and secondly - I checked, and it has even better quality than Fraps.

      So I would choose Gregion :-],gregion,2.html

    10. Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out.