Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adobe Edge Animate and Sprite Sheets

On the topic of Adobe Flash not working on tablets anymore, I've been looking at Adobe Edge Animate to add a little interactivity and animation to the blog.  From the research I've done, it looks to fun like a limited version of Flash but control more like Adobe Premier (at least as far as the timeline).  That doesn't give me a whole lot of options as far as Animation.  Luckily, Edge Animate has a way of bringing in sprite sheets to use for animated graphics.  The problem is its kind of a cumbersome way of doing it.  Basically, you are creating a clipping mask and then sliding the sprite sheet around to expose each frame.  Its kind of a pain because you have to do it manually.

I've yet to play around with it yet, but Antonio Lirio was nice enough to add captions to his previous tutorial which is a giant help to me.  You can see that video above.

Also, YOSHIOKA Ume on the Adobe Forums created an AIR Utility that will take a JSON sprite sheet and output a format compatible with Edge Animate.  The problem is you have very limited control over the timeline of it.  Mainly, you can't vary the amount of time held on each frame.  

Either way, big thanks for creating it: Sprite Sheet Converter 

So I haven't tried either yet, but plan to very soon.  The game plan is to put something up as the header of this blog and then try something more complex with the RBMC blog.  I'm hoping to have results soon.

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  1. thanks for the post =]

    for those who're trying to find the overflow option, it is now located above the 100% on the opacity slider