Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Superhero Sketch, Real Bad Hand

I sure haven't drawn this guy in a while.  The game is still percolating, but I'm jumping between Cinema 4D and Flash with little time to devote to Construct 2.  I still haven't solved the switching layers and collision problem so that's not helping.  Regardless, I still felt like knocking out a quick sketch.  It has a glaringly bad hand that really puts a spotlight on my trouble with hands.  I'm gotten better, but drawing a hand with the thumb facing away still vexes me.  

Playing around with a little Flash animation so hopefully I can show that in the next couple days.  


  1. Another nice drawing, I have a more and more impression that your collection of drawings of superhero and other characters will form a kind of comic book that will be always between the levels of the game (something like in Max Payne 2) ;} I see that you have problems with collisions in C2, could you tell me something about it? I myself have also noticed that when for ex. the event "on Collison with another object", etc. will be linked with such actions like for example: play a sound or create of something in our game, then errors will be appear, which suggests that it is better to resolve things like that by operations on numerical values​​. How about you?

    1. I am jealous of you because you are clearly more experience than I am in Construct 2. I will do my best to explain what my problem is: I currently have the player switching between 8-Way Movement and Platforming with a toggle switch with no problem. I have my background drawn on the bottom layer with invisible platforms for the player to land on drawn on the layer above the background.

      Now, when the player is "flying", I'm using 8-way movement. I have it set where the platforms are no longer solid when ever the player is "flying" so he can pass through them. My trouble is that there is no way to have the non-player characters (civilians, enemies, etc) still use the platforms when the player is flying. So basically they all fall through the floors.

      If I could tell Construct 2 to only have specific things react to solids to each other or to only have collisions when you are on the same layer, I could fix it. So I'm kind of stumped.

      Any suggestions?

    2. If I understand correctly, you had to make all platforms non-solid when the player is flying because of giving him the opportunity to fly between platforms (for example: upward). Have you tried the "Jump-thru" option from the list of sprite's behaiours? If you'll set something like:

      When the player is flying ---> Set "Jump-thru" (of a player)enabled.

      Thus, flying between platforms will be set only for the player :]

    3. That's actually a really good idea but doesn't help when I want to fly down. The thought is that the player should be able to fly through the city (which is simulated with the 8-way movement) but right now is bumping into all of these invisible platforms.

      How hard do you think it would be to fake a platform behavior on the enemies and civilians? If it "looks" like they are actually walking on these platforms, maybe I can just use the platform sprites for the player.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. 1) Yes, you're right. But look: An important issue, and also the problem is to determine at which point the player, flying down, would have to stop on the platform, and when go through it. You wrote that switching over to 8 direction movement will be when a player is flying. But what with the opposite case? theoretically, the flight should end after collision with the platform, so anyway the character will always stop on the platform and at this time the platform movement will be set, I think. Personally, I was looking for a solution to this issue in games with Superman on the SNES, but there was always only Superman walking on the ground, as in the traditional brawler game...
    I think you could use your idea with making non-solid platforms, if you would like to making enemies and civilians without platform movement (then they will never fall).

    1) With civilians, they can be more simply. I don't know about your the original idea of it, but you can for example do for civilian something like this:
    -every 100 milliseconds --> Set X of "Civilian" at "Civilian.X+1" (or "Civilian.X-1 ) (Y will be always the same)

    This is in normal situation, but if for example: an action in the city, you can simulate civilian's panic by reducing the number of milliseconds or by increasing number on pixels in "Set X..."

    2) With enemies, it's more difficult, because you will need an enemy's AI or something like that.

    I forgot: I remember that in many games, detachment of the player from the ground/platform was sometimes solved like that:

    "When a key (ex. Space) is pressed -> decrease gavity (it's non-Construct event, I know)
    "When Space isn't pressed -> increase gravity

    It remindss me about CJ with Jetpack in San Andreas :] But it can be only a replacement for your switch I think.

    If something comes to my mind, I'll write.

    1. First off, thank you so much for your help and time on this. I tried getting help on the forum and didn't have much luck.

      My thought on the landing is that the player would switch back to "platforming" behavior when he wanted to land. So, he would be flying above the top a building, hit the button to switch from flying to platforming, the sprite falls until it lands on the solid that represents the roof. If the player is flying below the roof when he hits the button, he will fall until he lands on the sidewalk (or hits the "fly" button again to start flying. I have all of this working already.

      It looks like the way to do it is to turn off the solids for the player and simulate the enemies on the platforms. I'll be sure to save your ideas for when I start working on them.

  3. Good idea,I think the forum members have more experience than I, so they can help you, or maybe Ashley too :]

    Good luck in your game anyway - as I said earlier, I didn't saw a game with features like your game, so I believe your game can be a great revolution, so I'm still waiting for a result :]

    1. Thanks. I'm itching to start back up. I'll keep you posted.