Thursday, August 23, 2012

That There's a Mummy

Boy, I sure am slacking with the posts.  Seeing as I have no real idea how many people are reading, I will slightly lesson the guilt by pretending this is being shot out into the void.  Truth is I was having a bit of an art slump and am just now climbing out of it.  It only lasted a week so I'll limit the complaining.  Regardless, life is getting busy.  Ingenuity Fest is only 3 weeks away and a video project is beginning to way down on me so I need to lighten up on the Superhero game for the next couple weeks to get that going.  A real shame because Scirra just released R.100 which adds some interesting shader effects which should help me fully realize some effects I wanted to do.  Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out the "solids on different layers problem".  I might have to start blatantly begging on the forums for this to be included on future releases.  Until then, enjoy a mummy sketch I threw together at lunch today.


  1. I'm pleasantly surprised how much characters you created for the game :) You're right, writing articles on a blog is characterized by the fact that we really do not know how many people read them - it can always be the case that people just come to a blog to get some informations needed for them and not leaving comments. but I believe that you don't care about it ;]

    1. I definitely appreciate the comments that you leave and try to include at least a little info that may help anyone that stops by.