Sunday, August 12, 2012

Matching Colors and Fixing the Size

What a pain.  So I import my new standard standing character sprite into the game and the original run cycle and end up with two problems: the Run Cycle is too big and the Colors don't match.  So what I did to correct it was place all of the run cycle frames into a sprite sheet, go through the Save for Web feature in Photoshop with the Superhero color profile settings, and shrink the whole thing down to 89%.  Its annoyingly technical.  I'm pretty happy with how it looks now but its becoming more and more obvious that I need to have a frame or two to transition from standing to running.  It just looks a little jarring.

Also, I can't recommend the program Texture Packer by Code'n'Web enough.  There was a time when I couldn't find anything to work properly.  Be sure to pick this up.  Its free with the basic settings, which may be all you need.  Just make sure you follow the below settings per Cacotigon on the Scirra Forums.

Steps to use it:
Drag in the image files to the program, and after that, use the following settings:
Texture format: png
Image format: RGBA8888
Dithering: NearestNeighbor
Autosize: Checked
Allow free sizes: checked
Scale mode: Smooth
AutoSD: Unchecked
Algorithm: Basic
Sort by: Name
Order: Ascending
Border padding: 0
Shape padding: 0
Inner padding: 0
Extrude: 0
Reduce border artifacts: unchecked
Allow rotation: unchecked
Trim: unchecked
Crop: unchecked
Shape outlines: unchecked
Enable auto alias: unchecked
Heuristic mask: unchecked
Premultiply alpha: unchecked
Flip PVR: unchecked

Then do File -> Export Image
and you're all done.


  1. am looking forward to your project ben,
    and btw did u draw that sprites ?

  2. Thanks. Its moving slowly, but surely. And, yes, I've drawn all of the artwork for the game. I draw it all on paper or in Toonboom (basically Flash) and then shrink it down in Photoshop.

  3. wow! its easy because you can draw..

    for those who can't draw such as me ?

    what is your suggestion ?

    1. Draw big and then shrink it down. It hides a lot of mistakes. Besides that, just keep practicing. I promise you'll get better.