Friday, August 10, 2012

City Block Sketch and Perspective Change.

So I've been rethinking the backgrounds for the game (for the millionth time) and have come to the conclusion that I'd like to change the perspective a bit.  My original thought behind doing the flat view of the buildings was to make it easier to see where the player was landing and alleviate any worries about overlap when you drop off the side. I've been so afraid of the parallax and what it might look like once the player was in the air that I thought "flat" was my best option.

By putting my horizon line slightly above the shortest building I'm able to show a bit of the roof and sidewalk close to the ground and then flatten the tops of buildings as I get higher.  I'm probably going to have to give some thought to where I can use tiles to keep the file sizes down, but it looks like I might be drawing a lot of the buildings traditionally.  It might look better.  Might make my file sizes huge.  Hopefully, pixelating the art will take care of that.


  1. In line with what you wrote, the inserting of a perspective view can make a lot of difficulties. Flat objects are actually the simplest - our character lands on them and that's all. Depending on the severity of the entire game project, the introduction of perspective can make a number of obstacles that will give itself felt on a regular basis at every stage of creating the game.
    But on the other hand, this perspective view was the most common used in the best games of the beat'em up genre. "Ninja Turtles" on NES and SNES, Double Dragon series, Final Fight etc. in such games perspective view gives a nice freedom in the game, and many possibilities. It is better than the flat view, because it's simply the more advanced. But the perspective view which was used in games of the nineties was motivated by a desire to deliver the most realistic gameplay (so it was a timid presage of the future 3D games. And as we have already 3D games, and recent 2d games are going on his own path which is free from allusions to 3D games, so maybe we must choose more "flat" style than pro-3D things?

    This is the only additional considerations. For me, which I always loved playing games with perspective view, this option for your superhero game will be great, But as that I like also the games about history of a typical comic book heroes, all possibly styles can be good for me personally :)

  2. I completely agree. My original concern was that it would make it hard to figure out where you would land on the sidewalk if falling. You will still be moving like a platformer (Super Mario Bros) instead of like Ninja Turtles. I will have to do a test first. I'm pretty sure it will work but could be wrong.