Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Base Superhero Sprite

I'm having one of those weird nights where I was dead tired, hopped in bed, and then got this surge of energy.  Amazing how frustrating that could be.  All complaining aside, I got out of bed, screwed around on the internet, and then decided to be productive.  So I thought I should tweak the main player sprite.  For one, the pose I had before (the muscle flex) was a little weird to use as your base.  Second, I needed something to compare scale with.  It took a little tooling with the colors because I couldn't remember my exact settings in Photoshop's "save for web" feature.  Think I got it where I wanted it.  I might try and create some assets this week. 


  1. Every time when I look at your character, he immediately reminds me of a superman. In fact, he looks like superman, however, this empty oval on his chest gives the impression that you haven't got any ideas about his personal details yet (if it turned out that he is not "the" Superman). Or simply you thought about it as a small detail, which can be refined later :-)

    1. Superman is definitely a huge inspiration for this game. In fact, the Superman Arcade game was the jumping off point for this. The oval on the chest is actually a jewel/gem/crystal. Without giving away the story too much, it plays into the history of his powers and the ending. I originally went with a logo, but couldn't come up with anything I liked that would look right if it was flipped. So I changed it to an object.