Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flying Up

I think I finally found a good starting point for the "flying up" animation.  I've started to think about the posing for each angle of his flying and maybe switching between one and two arms out.  It would be a little extra work (probably 4 more frames of animation), but I feel like it would add a lot.  Especially to an animation cycle that you'll be seeing a lot.

Also, I've been researching the switching of controls for player states and think I may have found a good way of doing it in Construct 2.  According to the forums, it looks like containing all of the parameters of each player state within its own group works best for turning them on and off.  I need to finish a couple more tutorials and get some rough, placeholder art ready to test some of this out.

Construct 2 Forum Post: Issues With Switching States


  1. So it seems to be a game with top-down view :)

    1. Nope. Its side scrolling. This is just the position when you are flying straight up.