Friday, June 15, 2012

Teddy Bear Paratrooper

Another lunch time doodle for the blog.  I've been playing with the idea of animating him standing at the back of a plane, ready to jump.  Might model the plane in Cinema 4D first and see how well the Sketch and Toon filter works with hand drawn animation.  I worked a little bit inking the monster animation that I had posted before in Toonboom.  The lines still look a little wobbly.  It might be my own over-analyzing or that I'm not working big enough, but it seems obvious.  Toonboom has a nice "smooth" feature that I might apply.  I just wish that you could apply it to the whole timeline instead of each individual drawing.  I'm also using an old version (4.5) so who knows if its a feature that's been added since then.

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  1. This website doesn’t show up properly on my i phone – you might wanna try and repair that names for bears