Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Have a Bear, Made Him Move

The Animation Desk app for the iPad is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  While not being the best thing for cleaning up animation, its perfect for roughing out some movement and exporting to another program.  This one is from a trip to the barber last week.  When it turned out that my idea to get there early was shared by about 4 other people, I decided to pop it open to pass the time.  While the finished animation was really just for him re-positioning a toothpick in his mouth, looping it turned it to a fun chewing animation.  I really wanted to focus on squashing and stretching the mouth while altering the entire shape of the head.  I've been picking up some new tricks from a book called Character Mentor: Learn by Example to Use Expressions, Poses, and Staging to Bring Your Characters to Life.  Its definitely given me some food for thought as I draw and is helping me push my posing and expressions.  I'll probably clean this up in the next few weeks as I still need to work on the Monster List animation to finish first.

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