Monday, May 14, 2012

The Refresh! It Did Nothing!

Oh how the anger has overcome me.  Computer refresh did not solve my problems.  Aiming a fan directly at the innards of my computer did nothing.  I was just starting to re-install everything when it froze up again.  I'm finally taking the old girl in to someone who knows what they're doing...because clearly I don't.  Frivolous spending is in lock down at the moment, so I'm hoping its not too outrageous.  I'll be typing with my fingers crossed until I get the results.

Also, check out the tumbler for this killer digital artist/animator.  If you go to the second page, you'll see a mermaid piece that I'm kind of obsessed with.  I'd show it here but, I don't know what blog protocol says about this.  Check the tumbler here: DoodleNoodle

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