Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No HTML5 Buttons in Flash CS6?

In an act of Cruel Irony, my free updgrade to CS6 Production Premium came through in the midst of my battle with my home computer (at this point I'm leaning towards it being a RAM problem).  With ideas and projects looming, I'm hoping to get everything up and running so I can dive into some of the features.

In researching tutorials on Flash Professional CS6, I found that the conversions to HTML five do not include buttons or any actionscript.  I was looking to create an interactive banner for the top of my blog as well as the Rust Belt Monsters, but now its looking less likely that it will be in HTML5  Ultimately, I will probably just do it in flash as every tablet just pulls up the blog in a reader of some kind.  Sort of a bummer though.  The above HTML5 file was made converting my original Flash file using Google Swiffy.  It supports actionscript 2 so that might be a way to go.

Finally, I got a little sketching in today.  I still have the Snuggletons in the back of my mind.  Hoping to realize that some day soon.

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