Saturday, May 5, 2012

English Bulldog Digital Painting

Her name is McLovin and she's an English Bulldog.  I hadn't done any real digital painting in quite some time so I was a little scared going into this.  Previously, I'd just worked in monochromatic color schemes, but I wanted to try out some color this time around.  I was talking with my friends at the Rust Belt Monster Collective and they pretty thoroughly drilled into my head to concentrate on my values and then lay my colors over the grey scale image.  I'm happy with the results, but the camera flash as the light source kind of limited what I could do with it.  All and all, I had a pretty good time with this.  It really only took about 5 hours over 2 days.  Makes me wonder why I don't do it more often.  All brushes were from Marta Dahlig's painting tutorial in ImagineFX magazine. Download Here

Couple of things that really helped me this time around:
  1. Start with the values first.  Just keep playing around in the grey scale image until you get all of your form and shadow to where you want it.  The color is pretty easy after that (I like using the Overlay mode in Photoshop).
  2. Flip your drawing horizontally in the middle of working.  For some reason, you will always get comfortable with how the drawing looks and your brain will stop seeing the flaws.  Flip that drawing and you will see everything you did wrong.  Every short arm or uneven eyeball will be screaming at you to be changed.
Original Reference. I made a mirror version to see the mistakes when I flipped my art.
The Original Sketch.  Muzzle was originally too short so I had to stretch it out before painting. (Sketchbook Pro)
Started work in grey scale and flipped to see my mistakes. This makes me laugh because she looks unintentionally goth. (Photoshop)
Starting to add color on a separate layer using "Overlay" as the blend mode. (Photoshop)

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