Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mental Checklist: Skottie Young

I recently explained to one of the Rust Belt Monsters that before each week's competition, I pick an aspect of my art that I want to improve on and try to incorporate it into the piece.  Lately I've been trying to keep art on the mind, so I've been watching artist tutorials, interviews, and podcasts in order to keep me excited about the work load I have in front of my.  It was during an interview with Skottie Young that I realized there were two glaring issues in my art.

First, when it comes to my characters, I sort of settled on a "stock" head shape and facial proportion.  It serves my purposes when I have to draw something, but it really limits the interest in my drawings.  In the future, I'm going to try and push the shapes to try and get more creative.

Second, he said that he doesn't zoom in his art on the computer because he's trying to keep his digital work area as close to his physical one as possible.  He can't really zoom in super close in real life, so why do it on the computer.  I've noticed in my own work that I have a problem with inconsistent lines.  I think thats because I get in so close when I ink.

Hoping to work out some of those kinks in the near future.

P.S.--The video clip is part of a larger interview.  Not sure what part has his thoughts on zooming (think its 4 or 5).  The talk about changing head shapes was on a live drawing he did on Ustream.

P.P.S--Top picture is a little Daily Sketching.

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