Monday, April 30, 2012

Hulk Preliminary Sketches

The Rust Belt Monster Collective is participating in a Free Comic Book Day event at Carol & John's Comic Shop in Cleveland (May 5th).  Comics with blank covers were handed out to local artists to display in the store and will be raffled off to people that come into the store.  We're all very excited for the opportunity and are each working on our own comics.  I was just playing around today and am still not very sure where I'm going to go with this, but hopefully it will turn out cool.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Drawn and Quartered WIP

I just realized that I never posted the finished Drawn and Quartered event flyer that I had worked on.  Up top is a character drawn by Tim Switalski that was composited with the rest of the Rust Belt Monster creatures.  At the bottom of both sides you can see my Warrior Bob Ross and the Bazooka/Airbrush Guy.

See the finished piece here: The Rust Belt Monster Collective

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It Came From Beneath The City WIP

Just a quick screenshot of the Cintiq as I worked on my variant for the Rust Belt Monster Stickers.  See the finished product here:  Sticker Final

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road WIP

Just a quick work in progress on a piece for the Album Cover Reimagining Art Show that I'm participating in.  Trying to to recreate Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road with more of a modern look.  Pretty happy with how its going so far, but its been forever since I've done a pure digital painting.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out anywhere close to how I have it pictured in my head.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Late Night Sketching

 Just a little sketchbook work from last night.  Don't know how I ended up drawing Wilford Brimley...though he is never far from my thoughts.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Roller Derby Queen Steps

Wanted to try some new things this week.  Its been a long time since I'd drawn anything on paper and I really have no experience with brush pens or markers so I gave that a try.  I also wanted to try coloring over grey scale values.   Not completely happy with it.  Ultimately, its a sloppier style than I'm used to.  Also, I need to reinstall the brushes that I'm used to.  I have a big few weeks ahead of me.  Hopefully this was a good warm up for that.

See the finished piece at the Rust Belt Monster Collective.

Mental Checklist: Skottie Young

I recently explained to one of the Rust Belt Monsters that before each week's competition, I pick an aspect of my art that I want to improve on and try to incorporate it into the piece.  Lately I've been trying to keep art on the mind, so I've been watching artist tutorials, interviews, and podcasts in order to keep me excited about the work load I have in front of my.  It was during an interview with Skottie Young that I realized there were two glaring issues in my art.

First, when it comes to my characters, I sort of settled on a "stock" head shape and facial proportion.  It serves my purposes when I have to draw something, but it really limits the interest in my drawings.  In the future, I'm going to try and push the shapes to try and get more creative.

Second, he said that he doesn't zoom in his art on the computer because he's trying to keep his digital work area as close to his physical one as possible.  He can't really zoom in super close in real life, so why do it on the computer.  I've noticed in my own work that I have a problem with inconsistent lines.  I think thats because I get in so close when I ink.

Hoping to work out some of those kinks in the near future.

P.S.--The video clip is part of a larger interview.  Not sure what part has his thoughts on zooming (think its 4 or 5).  The talk about changing head shapes was on a live drawing he did on Ustream.

P.P.S--Top picture is a little Daily Sketching.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time To Build

I was recently offered the opportunity to fill a local salon with art for an upcoming community art walk.  It was at that time that I realized: I really don't have a portfolio.  This probably should have been a resolution made at the start of the year, but I assume its better late than never.  So I've decided to try and push myself into completing more work, diversifying my style, and just getting better.  I'm going to start trying to emulate other artists' techniques and hopefully, in time, my style will evolve.  I'd also like to build The Rust Belt Monster Collective and gain more exposure for my fellow artists.  I'm four months into the year, I really need to get a move on.

Also, the above image is the (literal) beginning stages of a piece I'm working on for the art show.  Most of my ideas start on a yellow legal pad, mostly because I want to draw the most when I can't.  Hoping to have updates soon.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Monster Gaga Sketches

Above is the original Lady Gaga sketch for this weeks Rust Belt Monster challenge.  I think in my mind I had it going a little bit more on the dragon side, but ended up trying too much to make it clear it was Gaga.  Below is the original idea I had: placing Lady Gaga in her own mechanized suit.  May revisit that one in the future.

See the finished Gaga piece over at the Rust Belt Monster Collective.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Researching Anaglyph 3D

making of 'the 3D-Machine' - Anaglyph animation from Ka-Ching Cartoons on Vimeo.

My friends and I were recently talking about throwing together a quick Flash animation as a fun collaboration.  While submerged in animation and software, I started to think about how cool it would be to have an alternate version in Anaglyph 3D (Red and Blue Glasses).  All of the art is going to be composited in After Effects in 3D space anyways.  It couldn't be too hard to just render a second camera for the second eye.  It was then that I remembered this tutorial on how the guys at Ka-Ching did their 3D cartoon.  Pretty interesting video if not a bit low res.  I'm sure I will be referencing it a lot as I go along.

Bob Ross Battle Sketches

Me and the rest of the Rust Belt Monster Collective are collaborating for this week's theme on a flyer to be used for the Drawn and Quartered event in Cleveland.  The general theme is 2 groups of artists preparing for battle and looking much like the original Super Friends logo.  Here are my preliminary sketches.  Going for a Warrior Bob Ross vs. a Mecha Bob Ross.