Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Favorite Ipad Apps

I've recently found myself trying to find the best way to multitask as I take care of every day activities and try to remain a social being.  A lot of my friends carry around a tiny sketchbook and steal a moment to draw something or jot down an idea that pops in there head.  With the upcoming announcement of the iPad 3, it got me thinking about how my iPad 1 has been a natural progression of the "carry your sketchpad" mentality.  Here are a few of the apps that I use the most.  All of them are art related, but they're also starting points for work that I would finish on my computer.  The iPad just isn't as accurate as I would like and I sometimes feel like I'm drawing with a crayon.

Probably the app I use the most.  They recently added some features and functionality that has helped to get some better results out of your drawing.  Definitely worth picking up if you're an artist, but I would suggest getting some kind of pen with a rubber tip to use with it. 

A new one that I picked up the other day.  Its a fun and highly functional little animation program.  I wouldn't use it for anything finished, but if I just want to rough out an animation while sitting on the couch, its a great starting point.  I plan on figuring out a way to export it as frames to I can do the final clean up, ink, and paint on the computer.

While I still plan on making my game some day, I found that this app helps me sit around and create assets while I've got the TV on.  I basically export it to the Photo section on my iPad and then email the pictures to myself.  I'll have to composite it into a spritesheet when I'm done.

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