Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Your First Game Will Suck"

What with my new found infatuation with Construct 2, I've been itching to make a short game. Actually, I'm itching to make my first game. And with that itch, I've begun to start listening to indie game podcasts, and visiting sites, and basically jumping back into everything that I tore myself away from a few months ago. I think the reason for that is because Construct 2 eliminates the programming, so it makes it alright for me to just play around with some throw away ideas.

I recently watched an interview with Edmund McMillen (Team Meat) where he spoke about the creation of games and his start. In the middle of the interview he said, "Your first game will suck." Just hearing that was a huge revelation and even took a little bit of weight off my shoulders. I have my superhero game so worked out in my head, that I couldn't see it ever being anything but awesome while having never made a game.

So I decided to just make a small platformer to get more comfortable with Construct 2 and to build my animation skills. Its based around a kid's game show idea that has been taken to the extreme. Hope to pump out some assets very soon and maybe put it on the Chrome store. Below is some preliminary work:

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