Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Rust Belt Monster Collective" Week 3: Galactus

I'm actually not much of a Marvel guy.  I enjoy it, but I definitely prefer the DC Universe.  People who know that about me usually try to debate the comics and its not really an argument that I can engage in.  See, I grew up on the Superman and Batman movies, transitioned to the Bruce Timm led DC Animated Universe, and have kind of gone from there.  Maybe if I had spent the last 20 years with a better handle on the comics, I might have a different opinion.

Either way, this weeks subject was picked by Randolph Crider.  All I really knew about Galactus is that he is a devourer of worlds.  That was pretty much my jumping off point and I kind of went with it from there.  I started with my usual minimalist animation style, but soon got lost in all the little details he has in his suit.  Also, I decided to go with a colored line.  Looking at it, I kind of feel like its giving it a softer look.  Will probably go with this again, but might try a darker shade.

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