Monday, November 14, 2011

Put It In Your Ears To Keep You Inspired

Not sure how many people out there are as easily lead astray as I am, but I've learned that I need to limit my outside inspirations to what I want to accomplish.  Its just getting too hard to focus on one thing when I'm so easily pulled in different directions.  One of the things I like to do is listen to podcasts that either teach about the work I'm wanting to do or motivate me to get out there and do it myself.  Recently I came across the Paper Wings Podcast.

Hosted by Chris Oatley and Lora Innes, the show focuses on, but is not limited to, visual story telling.  They often go over tips for taking on personal project as well as divulge the history and struggles within their own work.  Both are currently working on web comics and are definitely worth checking out.

Chris Oatley: Greg the Megabeaver's Prehistoric Slideshow
Lora Innes: The Dreamer

I've become a huge fan of the show.  It just has a calming and informative feel to it without acting like a talk at a seminar.  The hosts are extremely likeable and are constantly providing tips which can only help improve your work.  It also helps that they are so involved with their community and willing to answer questions posted in the comments.

Another podcast that's definitely worth a listen is the Sidebar Podcast.  The easiest way to explain it is if you ever hang out with a group of friends and they're all in to something way before you are.  The more they talk about it, the more you want to dive in and do it with them.

That's what Sidebar is for me: A group of friends talking about artists in a way that makes me excited about artists.  The hosts (Dwight, Swain, and Adrian) will normally have a guest on and proceed with a line of questioning that really just feels like catching up friends.

This show has done so much for exposing me to different artists as well as styles of art.  But, more importantly than that, its humanized the people I had already looked up to.  While its sometimes depressing when these more accomplished artists reveal themselves to be younger than me, its worth it just to find out that we have the same influences and struggles.

Personal favorite episodes are with Lauren Montgomery, Shane Glines, and Skottie Young.

So hopefully that helps you as much as its helped me.  Just some fun and informative chatter to help you get through your projects.  Feel free to comment with any shows you might think I'd like.  I'm always looking to add more. 

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