Monday, November 21, 2011

Cinema 4D Luma Matte Work-Around

Maybe it was all of the talk in one of Grey Scale Gorilla's lighting tutorials, or maybe its because I've had to do this before, but I finally decided to treat the seen like a real life studio and solve my luma matte problems that way.  So, in order to remove the area where the picture is supposed to go and get rid of the white matte line, I chose to deal with it like it was a green screen.  I made the picture area a solid green in Cinema 4D and then removed the area in After Effects.  The luma matte still works decent enough for things like coloring (which I will be using later), but I've spent too much time trying to remove that white line and my research shows no one has solved it.  Until the day comes that Maxon addresses it, I will have to use my green screen trickery.

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