Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dr. Sketchy 11-29-11

Just some life drawing from last night's Dr. Sketchy-Cleveland meeting.  Had a nice "James Bond" theme going last night and great model to go with it.  Each drawing was done on my iPad in Sketchbook Pro.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scirra's Construct 2

I wish I could remember how I happened onto it, but yesterday I came across a game development engine geared towards HTML5 called Construct 2.  I may have previously heard of the original Construct, but this was my first time trying one of them out.  I have to say, even though I've spent only a couple hours with it, I'm kind of amazed.  Blinded by aspirations of developing for XNA, I'd never really looked at creating anything for HTML5.  This program is a godsend.

The interface is extremely intuitive and based mostly on "events".  Like most early software, documentation for using it is pretty scant, but the community seems more than willing to pick up the slack.  Their probably just grateful to the small team that has created this amazing tool (I think its only two guys...craziness).

Looking back at the time I spent, trying to learn C#, I can't totally feel like it was time wasted.  A lot of the "under the hood" stuff that I learned really informed me how to best design.  Being able to look at a game as a bunch of boxes that collide with other boxes seems to be key in all of the designers I've read up on.  If there is one bad side to this, its that its awoken a need to work on my game again, which I was doing my best to bury in favor of my video work.  Maybe it will be easier with Construct 2.  Maybe I can just focus on gameplay and stop pulling my hair out over code that I may never understand.  Time will tell.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Animated Conan and Death Proof Sketches

Just some late night sketching. Watched Death Proof the other night and wanted to draw Kurt Russell. Doesn't look anything like him, but I liked inking the hair. The other one started as an attempt to draw some crazy Frazetta posture. Somewhere along the line it turned into an animated version of Conan.  All of it done in Sketchbook Pro on the Cintiq.  As soon as I remove the blue, I stop liking it.  Not quite confident in my inking yet.  Need more work.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cinema 4D Luma Matte Work-Around

Maybe it was all of the talk in one of Grey Scale Gorilla's lighting tutorials, or maybe its because I've had to do this before, but I finally decided to treat the seen like a real life studio and solve my luma matte problems that way.  So, in order to remove the area where the picture is supposed to go and get rid of the white matte line, I chose to deal with it like it was a green screen.  I made the picture area a solid green in Cinema 4D and then removed the area in After Effects.  The luma matte still works decent enough for things like coloring (which I will be using later), but I've spent too much time trying to remove that white line and my research shows no one has solved it.  Until the day comes that Maxon addresses it, I will have to use my green screen trickery.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Late Halloween

Not sure how successful I was with this one.  Ultimately I was just trying to make up for not drawing anything Halloween-ish and not facing my inability to draw a Turkey. Continued my new found love of unnecessary rim lighting.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Put It In Your Ears To Keep You Inspired

Not sure how many people out there are as easily lead astray as I am, but I've learned that I need to limit my outside inspirations to what I want to accomplish.  Its just getting too hard to focus on one thing when I'm so easily pulled in different directions.  One of the things I like to do is listen to podcasts that either teach about the work I'm wanting to do or motivate me to get out there and do it myself.  Recently I came across the Paper Wings Podcast.

Hosted by Chris Oatley and Lora Innes, the show focuses on, but is not limited to, visual story telling.  They often go over tips for taking on personal project as well as divulge the history and struggles within their own work.  Both are currently working on web comics and are definitely worth checking out.

Chris Oatley: Greg the Megabeaver's Prehistoric Slideshow
Lora Innes: The Dreamer

I've become a huge fan of the show.  It just has a calming and informative feel to it without acting like a talk at a seminar.  The hosts are extremely likeable and are constantly providing tips which can only help improve your work.  It also helps that they are so involved with their community and willing to answer questions posted in the comments.

Another podcast that's definitely worth a listen is the Sidebar Podcast.  The easiest way to explain it is if you ever hang out with a group of friends and they're all in to something way before you are.  The more they talk about it, the more you want to dive in and do it with them.

That's what Sidebar is for me: A group of friends talking about artists in a way that makes me excited about artists.  The hosts (Dwight, Swain, and Adrian) will normally have a guest on and proceed with a line of questioning that really just feels like catching up friends.

This show has done so much for exposing me to different artists as well as styles of art.  But, more importantly than that, its humanized the people I had already looked up to.  While its sometimes depressing when these more accomplished artists reveal themselves to be younger than me, its worth it just to find out that we have the same influences and struggles.

Personal favorite episodes are with Lauren Montgomery, Shane Glines, and Skottie Young.

So hopefully that helps you as much as its helped me.  Just some fun and informative chatter to help you get through your projects.  Feel free to comment with any shows you might think I'd like.  I'm always looking to add more. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Colors On Zombie

Was getting ready for bed and had the urge to color something.  Having recently watched The Walking Dead, I had zombies on the brain. Seeing as I've struggled with drawing zombies, I decided to appropriate my friend's sketch.  You can see Craig Worrell's original pencils here.  Be sure to check out Craig's personal site and follow him and a bunch of other extremely talented Cleveland Artists at the Sketch Of The Day blog

Sketch of the Day blog
Craig Worrell's Portfolio Site

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Art! Madness!

Finally got a chance to sit down and just draw.  What started as a warm up sketch ended up as a Hellboy picture that got away from me.  I'm starting feel like I'm finding my style (in my 30's. Ugh).  Not quite painterly, but a lot of those principals go into my coloring.  To round out the night, I drew some Ninja Turtle action.  Basically, I just wanted to continue drawing but couldn't decide on what.  That sequence of events usually ends at a Ninja Turtle.  Last night was no different.