Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rough Flight Sketches...Very Rough

I know, if this is what I'm posting, I must not have much. Well, these were the sketches that I mentioned earlier in the week showing the positioning for carrying female and male citizens. I'll probably design other ones for criminals and the elderly. Also, I'm right at the end of disk one of my 3D Buzz tutorials and should have that finished by this weekend. With the start of a couple of commissions, I'm hoping I can keep on track with the XNA project.

Also, I came across an interesting video of the animator that creates those toilet paper commercials with the bears. The video shows Joana Quinn's work area and process for animation. I absolutely love this video. Just seeing another person with a disheveled work area, making sound effects as they flip their pages, and concentrating so intently when trying to draw hands, really comforts me. Its nice seeing someone at her level going through the same things as I do. It makes me feel like the gap isn't as far as I thought (if that makes any sense).

I originally got the link at the Academy of Art Animation blog. Definitely check it out if you are a fan of animation.

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