Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cannon 1 is done.

Tonight I completed the first of 3 Cannon Game tutorials on the 3D Buzz disc. The whole thing was created withing Visual Studio's "winforms" creator and went pretty smoothly. The ironic thing is that there are really no cannons anywhere in the game. Its basically just a shooter. There are about 5 hours left to the first disc before I'm done. I'm feeling pretty confident in what I've learned so far and really feel like everything is sinking in.

Earlier today, I was sketching some rough ideas for how I will visually represent the player carrying citizens. For the women, I've pretty much stuck to the traditional "flying with the damsel" look so often seen in comics and film. I started working with an "under the armpit" style for picking up men, but realized that I might have to rethink their falling animation. Where as the women can fall facing upward and then naturally transition to the carried position, the men would be flipping over. I'll need make sure that they are falling face down for that positioning to work.

Also, I read an article today showing the early design doc's for Aero-The Acrobat. I'm not sure if I've ever played it, but I distinctly remembered its ad campaign. Either way, it makes for a pretty interesting read and a fascinating glimpse into how some programmers design their games.

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