Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Big Things In 2011! least I hope

When I last posted, I had finally finished the XNA book and was looking forward to starting the next book in my studies. That's right when the holidays hit and my schedule got kind of crazy. I'm hoping to pick things up now and make some real strides on the game. In fact, I think I found another avenue that might help my understanding of the C# language and XNA.
While perusing the internet for any video tutorials on XNA, I came across a site with volumes dedicated to teaching XNA called 3D Buzz. While it mostly deals with an older version of XNA, I'm hopeful that it can still be a useful addition to my resources and finally give me enough knowledge to start my game. It also has a series where one of the teachers shows how to make a beat 'em up similar to the classic TMNT Arcade games: link I'm really hoping that this over the shoulder approach to design will prove helpful, much in the way Video Copilot helped me to learn Adobe After Effects.

On the game design front, I quickly jotted down a couple of ideas for a tutorial system within a vintage comic book. I want it to read kind of quirky and old fashioned while showing the player some strategy to employ during the game. It will probably read more like a pamphlet for "How To Be A Superhero" than an actual comic though.
Also, tonight I designed another enemy that will probably be in the same level as the the robot character from earlier posts. This time, I really toyed with the "render for web" feature in Photoshop and deleted colors I didn't want in order to limit the pallette more. All of this will hopefully keep my file sizes down and achieve that 16-bit look I want, without actually have to "sprite draw". I find converting my art to be way easier.

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