Monday, December 20, 2010

Book 1, Finally Done

It took a lot of stopping and starting, but my first book of tutorials, Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0: Learn Programming Now!, is finally finished! I looked back and saw that it took me 6 months to complete, which is pretty gross. The last six months have been pretty strenuous so I'm not beating myself up too much about it, but I'm definitely farther behind than I thought I'd be. It was definitely a long ride with this book. There were times that keeping all of the lessons on objects, methods, classes, structures, variables, etc seemed impossible. Hell, I'd be a liar if I said that I had completely understood all of it, but I think I learned a lot.

Sadly, I still don't feel like I have enough knowledge of XNA to create the game I want to make, but I'm pressing on. While the book was a wonderful teaching tool, it didn't teach me anything about animated sprites or creating a "platformer", which are 2 things that will be vital to my game.

From this point I'm going to move forward with Learning XNA 3.0 by Aaron Reed. While the previous book focused a lot on C#, which I definitely needed, it really only showed how to apply C# to some very simple functions. I'm hoping Aaron Reed's book will help me apply that knowledge to game creation in XNA. While part of the book is dedicated to 3D games (which I will not be using), the first 160 pages are dedicated to 2D topics such as sprite animation and artificial intelligence.

Also, a while back I picked up James Silva and John Sedlak's book "Building XNA 2.0 Games". While a good portion of it is used to explain how to make your own level editor and skeletal animation system, the book supposedly shows the process in creating The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. I'm hoping this will fill in some of the holes in what I've learned.

All in all, I'm hoping that 2011 is a big year for my game. If I have one New Years resolution, it will be to better manage my time so that I can work on my different projects and not let so much fall between the cracks. Hope to update again soon.

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