Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh How Time Flies

It has definitely been too long since the last time I've posted. Since my last entry, I have started up a side business (still in the development stages) that has taken up the largest percentage of my free time. The new business is more "After Effects" related, so I had to shut off the part of my brain that was thinking about the game constantly.

It was just recently that I realized that, perhaps I'm not as bogged down as I think and maybe I don't have to choose one over the other. I'm starting to realize that I'm just really bad at managing my time and I need to make a change. So, hopefully, I can start doing both and see how long before I eventually break.

Another thing worth mentioning to those that read this (if there are any): I recently became obsessed/fascinated with a particular web series on Youtube. The series is called "Making a Great Retro Game" by the guys at Sucker Free Games. I stumbled upon it when I was searching for Torque X tutorials and was instantly hooked. Its not in any way a series of video tutorials, but more of a "fly on the wall" situation as you watch a small group of friends creating a game.
Beginning with their first game, Dungeons, I was blown away to see the strides they made and their problem solving skills when it came to the coding. I'm still early in my studies, but I found it interesting to hear the programmer explain his thinking behind his design choices and watch them be implemented in the game. If there was one thing that bummed me out, it was seeing the moments when they were stumped by something in the coding or in Torque X itself. These guys clearly know more than I do and its intimidating to think of all the unforeseen bugs that are sure to arrive.

All in all, I have to say I'm extremely jealous of what they have accomplished so far and that they were able to put together a small group of friends around a singular vision. I really wish that I had a programmer that could just answer my questions and help execute my ideas, but that's probably the best reason to start networking. Either way, can't wait to see the finished product.

I've attached a couple of videos to show the game in its early stages and another further in development. Pretty impressive.

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