Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mayor Pixelated

Sitting at home on a cold Sunday morning and felt like tinkering with my Mayor character. Did a quick color job and shrunk it down to see how it would look. Had to eliminate the forehead wrinkles because they were just transforming into a blob. Didn't look good at all. I might sit down here soon and start working on some random background elements just to give the characters something more interesting to stand against then the white backgrounds.
In other game news, I started working on a little back-story that will play into the game. It was kind of fun to put together the legend of these super powers and how that might play into the story. I'll probably try and put together some illustrations and narration too. I found this video of Neil Gaiman's book, "Instructions", and found it really inspiring:

I really love the feel and cadence of this. It sort of harkens back to those old Jim Henson's Storytellers show. Ultimately, I think it will serve the particular section of my story nicely.

UPDATE: Added new Size Chart with make shift background.

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