Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mayor and Stuff

Kind of got hit with the drawing but today, and of course it happened at work during lunch. Still haven't figured out the appeal of yellow legal pad, but that's where most of my ideas start. Anyways, had wanted to work on a couple of NPC's (Non Player Characters) and the idea of having a "Mayor" of the city had been floating around in my head for a while. I jotted down a quick design that I'm ultimately pretty happy with, even if he does bare a striking resemblance to Wilford Brimley.
The image of seeing an animated mayor standing at a podium in front of city hall get's me excited to do more with it. I'll probably add a few more city officials, so I should start including them to my design doc before I forget.

On the subject of animation, I've been thinking a lot about the look I've been wanting to achieve and I'd love to emulate the blocky, low-res style of the old Lucasarts adventure games.
I need to start researching exactly how this was done. I assume it was with giant sprites used basically as layers in the animation. I wonder if setting up these scenes would be similar to how a time line would be set up in Adobe Flash. Having different layers designated for separate sprite animations would help the mouth phonemes and eye expressions. It would also maintain the pixelated look I want. My general fear is that the WMV movies that XNA allows would look blurry when blown up, while I would prefer keeping the hard edge.

I'm close to the end of my book, so I'm hoping some of these answers will be settled by then. I wonder if there is a book dedicated solely to 2d sprites?


  1. If you find a book dedicated to 2d sprites, please blog about it, because I'd love to know. :)