Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finished Design and First Flight Sprite

I finally decided to forgo any type of logo on the chest for a jewel/medallion/crystal that will be referenced in the story. I also thought of a new play mechanic that could be explained through use of it's power.

I also sat down this morning and decided to ink, color, and animate the first flight position in Toonboom and with my Cintiq. I'm still not finished, but I'm pretty close. At first, I tried a more haphazard approach that was inspired by the whole "flag in a windstorm" look of the cape in Superman Returns. In the movie, that thing was kicking all over the place and you got a real sense of speed with it. Sadly, that looked like crap. So I decided to go to a more fluid, "cartoony" look which seemed to work out better. I still need to adjust the part of the cape that curls in, but its almost there. Also, each flight position has two stages: a normal speed and a faster speed that is achieved by flying longer. The faster speed will be signified by the player pushing his fist forward. I know its more to animate, but I feel like the effect will be worth it.

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