Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chapter 13 Finished!

Ugh...I took a beating on this one. Out of all the chapters (so far), this was the most "throw him in the water and he'll learn to swim". There was a lot of background code that just wasn't even alluded to in the text that I had to go in and enter. A lot of it I figured out myself, but a few things (like him adjusting method titles without telling you to) had me searching through the example files on the web site to find out what I had done wrong. A real pain, but it left me with a bit of confidence in that I can see how the program is working and know where to look for these errors.

Sadly, there were a couple things I couldn't get working that I just had to power through. For instance, this chapter dealt with "game states" which is pretty much jumping from title screen to game play and back. Very interesting stuff, but I couldn't get the "game play" background to update to the new one once the game started. Very frustrating, but probably something silly that I just missed. If it remains a problem in the future, I'll revisit the chapter.

Also, if you get the chance, is showing an extremely interesting round table discussion with Ed Boon (Mortal Kombat), Warren Spector (Epic Mickey, Deus X), and Jeremiah Slaczka (Scribblenauts). Week 2's discussion focuses mainly on game design fundamentals and the importance of keeping your failures early in development. I really enjoy watching people in the industry "talk shop" and feel like its a part of games reporting that is missing with most of their discussions used to promote their newest projects.

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