Monday, August 2, 2010


Just wanted to post this video that I saw over at Not exactly XNA related, but I like keep up with what is out there on the indie scene and this has a fun look to it and clever animation. The direct link to the original story is here.

On the "Superhero Game" front, did some sketching earlier today and found a couple of poses that I really liked. Of course they are drawn about the size of a nickel so I will have to blow those up and see if I can translate them to finished art.

Also, been thinking a lot about the logistics of the buildings and some of the things I need to take into account when designing them. I'm probably going to continue to "fudge" the perspective, but I may have to rethink how I originally had planned the top of the buildings. Previously, I was just going to have the top edge flat (not seeing the platform at all). But now I realize that you can't have the wall of the building in front of the character when he lands on it and also behind him when he's flying in front of it. So the perspective change should help that, but I'm a little bummed I had to change it.

Hopefully I'll post some sketches soon as I wanted to really buckle down and start drawing the main character a lot. I'm hoping the repetition will help me get really comfortable with my design for him.

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