Friday, July 30, 2010

Limbo Success

First off, I've yet to play Limbo. I was originally really excited about it (and still am), but a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" deal at Gamestop had me spending more money than I had originally intended. Not sure why I do it, I already don't have the time to play all of these but will still get the occasional new game. I guess that's why I'm on the side of the fence that is all for 6-12 hour games. I just can't make the time commitment any more for anything more entangling then that. The fact that Limbo is only anywhere between 3-6 hours is enticing in that I can experience it in 1-2 nights and then move on to the next one.

But the real reason I've been thinking about Limbo is because of a blog entry I read a few days ago by Robert Boyd from Zeboyd Games. He was the indie developer that made Breath of Death VII (another game I haven't played, but my brother swears by it). In his entry, he discusses what he feels are some of the contributing factors to the game's success and mentions the huge money that it pulled in. Not huge in terms of anything by EA's standards, but life changing for an indie developer. Its definitely worth a read: HERE

I should have some time to get back to my programming book tonight. I was looking through my blog entries and realized it has been 2 weeks since the last chapter I'd studied. Work on the game hadn't stopped, as I've been focusing on art and adding to my design document, but I need to get back into the code side of things to keep them fresh in my head. Really need to focus and get back in my normal rhythm.

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