Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feature Creep

Perhaps it was last night's coding session, but I've been hit with a new found excitement for working on the game. This morning I decided to sit down and write down some of the newest ideas for my game into my Design Doc so I wouldn't forget them. My Design Doc has now grown to 3 pages (doesn't sound like a lot) and I'm starting to fear my game might be suffering from Feature Creep. For those that don't know (and I hadn't heard the term till about a month ago), Feature Creep is when you keep adding new ideas to your project until you over complicated its design and ultimately dilute the original intent.

I carefully reread my document and realized that it wasn't so much new features I was adding, but more like references to the style and look that I wanted for the game. I'm trying to be mindful of not making my first game too big, but I still contend that nothing I'm doing is more complicated than things I've seen way back on the SNES. I'm just piecing together things that I like and trying to bring a fresh spin to a genre that I've always enjoyed. Looking through my Design Doc, it's obvious that I'm an artist jumping into programming because all of my "style" notes come with descriptions on how I would do it in Flash, Photoshop, or After Effects.

Well, just wanted to get that out while my mind was running crazy. On to the busy weekend.

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