Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chapter 8: Creating a Timer Finished

So I finally got past my problem with this chapter (thanks to the forum pointing out my lack of code) and finished. Although it was mostly about applying a timer to the game, it was more importantly about using "arrays" and "strings" in your code. I think I have a fairly good handle on it, but will probably "get it" more once its used more thoroughly in practice.
If I have one complaint about this chapter, its that the author ignores additions and changes to the "Draw Method" that are essential to the program. The information is taught in previous chapters, but there is no mention that they should be referenced or be added. In addition, a later point in the chapter needs you to adjust the code to work once the "arrays" are in place.

This is in line with a problem I've had since the beginning, in that he never says: "Enter this code here." I never know if it is information that I should be typing, if I should be adding code to previous games we've written, or if I should just be reviewing the information and committing to memory. This time I had to apply it to memory because of the lack of Draw Method information.

With that said, I did notice that the problems that occurred with my code (not counting my earliest mistake) were easily discovered through applying what I've learned in the previous chapters. That is probably the best testament to this stuff "sticking" in my brain. I'm still a fan of the book and the author, but would have preferred it if missing information was at least acknowledged.In other news, saw Predators last night. Movie was pretty amazing and you should do yourself a favor and (if you liked the first one) go see it. It is exactly the Predator movie that I wanted and it wasted no time getting right into the action, while also building towards the reveal of the "movie monsters." I'm sure that last statement makes no sense, but it will when you see it. If I have any complaints about the movie, its that the special effects have gotten too good. While the "cloaking" effect looks good, I prefer the "concentric sections" version from the first 2 movies. I'm sure that had the franchise started today, the current version would be used, but I've always liked the old look. Either way, go see it.

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