Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Update on book

So I jumped back into the book to try and power through the problems I was having the other night. I'm definitely grasping the concepts much better this time around. I'll chalk the other evening's problems to starting while a little sleepy.

Apparently I'm not out of the woods yet. While I'm pretty sure I'm copying all of the code into the appropriate places, and I'm typing verbatim, I'm still coming across errors. Visual Studio is catching most of them, but there are a few left that are lingering.

I've decided to download the example codes off of the website to use as a point of reference to see where I'm going wrong. My real fear is that the book is wrong or that some of these problems are the result of the book being written for 3.0 and I'm working with 3.1. I doesn't seem likely, but who know. I'm going to try and continue tomorrow if not Sunday.

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