Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Hello World" Chapter 5 Completed

After taking a disgustingly long nap, I decided I should make up for lost time by jumping into the next chapter. Basically, it described how to load fonts into the program, edit their attributes in their XML file, and get it to auto update from the clock feature. Also interesting was the construction of loops that also worked to create some depth to the text characters and even achieve a "blur" effect from repeating some transparent layers.

This one went pretty well, but I have a feeling I may have to go back and repeat some of these chapters. I'm understanding everything, but I don't feel like it is all getting ingrained into my memory. Maybe that is the nature of the game and that I should just accept having reference material by me at all times. I know that when I first started using "Adobe After Effects," nothing seemed to stick. I would keep little notes with keyboard short cuts all over the place and peek at them constantly. Now I'm pretty comfortable with the program and hardly use them at all. I'm hoping XNA is the same way.

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