Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chapter 6 Snag

I knew I was on way too much of a roll. Ran into a snag on Chapter 6: Creating a Multiplayer game. Everything was going fine until I started adding in multiple buttons to register on screen as they were pressed. Well, I narrowed it down to the "if (pad1.IsConnected)" function. When I delete it, they all show up on screen. I downloaded the script from the website and the author's version didn't have any of the problems. Can't quite figure out what I did wrong. Posted on the XNA Forum to see if someone can help me out.

In happier news, I'm really jazzed that Futurama is back tonight. I was one of those people that really only had a passing interest during it's network run, but grew to love it as the DVD box sets came out. Nice to see a show, with such fan support, make it all the way back to television. Now if we could do the same with "Firefly."

UPDATE: Steve Hazen at the forum was able to help me. Turns out I redeclared "pad1" in the code. Apparently that limited its scope to the Update method rather than the entire class. Big "Ups" to Steve.

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