Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter 3 Done!

Finished up chapter 3, I'm on quite a roll! Well, to be honest it was a pretty easy one. Whole thing took me about an hour. It dealt mostly with sending information from the gamepad and vibration data back to it. Think I got a pretty good handle on it, but I'm noticing that I'm forgetting certain vocabulary between my sessions with the book. Each chapter has a short quiz that I may brush over on the days I can't study so that I can keep them fresh in my mind.

Next up is the second section of the book: "Images, Sound, and Text" which sounds way more intimidating than "Getting Started." Guess I'll have to push up my sleeves.

Also, just finished with my week of "Obsessively Following E3." Surprising that I was most impressed with Nintendo this year. I haven't bought a hand held system since my very used Game Boy Advance (and it wasn't even one of the clam shell ones), but the glasses-free 3D intrigues me. That plus a return to Donkey Kong Country and a brilliantly conceived Kirby game and I may have to blow the dust off of my Wii. Epic Mickey also looked really good, but I don't know if its the gameplay or the presentation/marketing I'm more obsessed with. I'll probably have to seriously consider it once I have a better handle on exactly what it is they are making.

In closing, the image above is a rough sketch I did a month ago after reading through an old EC comic. I wanted to blow it up and flesh it out but haven't gotten around to it yet. Hopefully I can make time for it soon.

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