Thursday, April 29, 2010

"You introduce a simple problem...

...and gradually make the problem more complex." -Sid Meier

Just finished watching a short documentary (embedded below) on a 48 hours game design competition that was co-judged by Sid Meier (Pirates, Civilization). Pretty interesting to watch someone else's train of thought as they design the initial concept for a game. It was also a little difficult to watch some of the student projects fail so miserably, but I'm sure those are the experiences that you learn from the most.

I guess what stuck with me the most was Sid Meier's quote, "You introduce a simple problem and gradually make the problem more complex." I remember when I was thinking up my current superhero game, it started as a very simple idea (which I'm hesitant to disclose just yet). As I thumb through my development notes, I can see where things have grown a bit more complex, but the initial germ of the idea is still in tact. My outlook, and they way I've handled most projects, is to isolate the things I want to do into their own concise obsticles and gradually start solving them. We'll see if that works. Now, I have to decide wether or not download Pirates on Xbox live.

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