Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quick Update

Thought I would pop in and write a quick update. Didn't get to jump into coding this week, as I would have liked. Took on a video commission and wanted to get a head start on it so that tied up most of my time. Plus, recently picked up and beat the new Splinter Cell game for the Xbox 360.
My take: a much more accessible game than the others and the "tagging" of enemies was an interesting new feature. I also enjoyed the story, but found myself often confused as to who the different characters where and what their part in the story was. I think finishing the last game might have helped in that, but the that game is a part of a long list of titles that I just never got around to finishing. Anymore, I catch myself appreciating the games with the smaller amounts of play time, if only because they hold the greatest chance of my getting all the way through them. Interesting how a job and mortgage can pull the priority out of your gaming schedule. I highly recommend at least a rental, but you'll probably beat it in roughly 10 hours. Buy it if you have a friend that is also getting it, the co-op is pretty fun.
Also, I've never really been a fan of people that constantly quote movies (I have quite a few family members and friends brought up on Monty Python to blame for that). But I was hanging around with my brother the other night and decided to show him some deleted scenes from Superman II. If you haven't figured it out, I'm a pretty big dork. So, it was in watching the movie that I caught myself quoting General Zod a lot. Not proud of it, but it happened.

It was then that I decided to draw one of the scenes where he is leaning against a wall as his associates tear up the White House. Looking forward to digitally painting it and adding some destroyed walls and blood to try and take away from the weird GQ body language.

And just to give another glimpse of my art style, here is an older piece from about a year ago.

Well, that's all for now. I picked up some books to use as reference for buildings, so I'm hoping to build up more assets and delve into Torque X a little more. I'll post when I get some results.

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