Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Beginning...

I guess this is as good a place as any to start things off at. My name is, Ben, and I've always wanted to make a game. I'm about 30 now, and my underlying tastes have always remained in what was probably my favorite era of gaming, the Super Nintendo games. Having an equal passion for animation, mostly hand drawn, I've always gravitated to the games that pushed the medium to resemble the hand drawn feature films that I enjoyed at the time.

This usually led me to play pretty much anything with rotoscoped animation (Prince of Persia, Flashback, Out of this World, and sadly, Shaq Fu). I also remember the feeling of amazement of seeing when hand drawn animation was finally being incorporated into games (Genesis Aladdin, Earthworm Jim, etc). Looking back at those games, It's pretty amazing to see that the animation wasn't a fluid 24 frames a second, the sprites aren't huge, and there isn't a terribly large amount of overall animation. I think there is just a certain craft to them that I appreciate, and a liberal use of tried and true animation principals to the characters. Amazing what 15 years of memories can do to enhance a game's image. I'm still shocked at the vast difference between how Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Arcade) looks in comparison to how I remember.

So, with the leaps in technology and the user friendly nature of the Xbox Live Independent game channel, I've decided to embark on my first game. I'm won't be going into specifics at first, but will reveal more about the game as I go on. All I can say so far is my game is about a Superhero. The reason I'm creating this blog is to help me to "stay with it" as I can tend to let things slip and never finish. But, also, I'd like to let people know what resources I'm using to maybe help them in the creation of their own games. I know that I like to see an idea form and others might find it interesting to watch this evolve.

Thanks for reading and lets see where this takes us.

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