Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fixing the Run

Early in the redesign, someone mentioned that the run looked a little stiff.  Particularly in the torso.  Of course I was immediately infuriated and cast them aside as just plain wrong.  Well, they were right.  Very right.  Problem was I didn't have the time to go in and fix it.  Luckily, working on the NPC's brought about a problem where fixing it became a necessity.

The player needs to be holding the civilians slightly towards camera for the art overlap to work.  So adding that twist is kind of needed.  The other "cool" part is that now I can animate a little rotation and perspective change in Spriter.  At least, that's the idea.

Updates on the game will be slower and fewer apart as I have a project coming up that is due in early January.  After that I will be attending my first game jam which I will be sure to update on here.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pick It Up

I'm itching to have the player pick something up...and then chuck it at someone.  Well, that's the dream.  I haven't opened Toon Boom Animate in a while so there was a little fumbling around involved.  I'm hoping to get the pick up and lift animation in soon.  At least to see how it looks.  Still so much more to do and the busy holiday season is here.  Going to squeak it in where I can.  Till next time.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Punching Fools

Boy did I drop off the face of the earth.  Busy Thanksgiving weekend followed by work and a private tour of NASA test facilities (that's right) has left me with little to know free time.  Well, at least any free time that isn't used to recover.  So I thought I would draw a quick sketch.  I haven't put any attacks into the game yet and I'm starting to think about how punching fools in the face might look.  I think it might  Hope to have more.  Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That Hurts

Quickie post time! I'm off to a long holiday weekend so I probably won't be able to get any work in.  So all I can offer is a quick sketch.  I'm playing with the idea of having to recharge or compose yourself after a beating.  This ball point pen sketch is for that.  Who knows. 

Have a great Thanksgiving and I'll be back next week...with considerably tighter pants.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Spriter Objects as NPC's in Construct 2

After some quick help from the creator of Spriter, my Construct 2 Origin point problem was fixed.  Turns out my problem was because Spriter kind of works backwards when it comes to Containers.  My idea was to spawn a box to use as the base.  I would put all of my behaviors and actions on that.  Then, I would add the Spriter object to that container.  You control the box and the Spriter Object reacts.  Well, it wouldn't let me add the Spriter Object to the container.  

So Lucid on the blog explained that the Spriter Object is already a Container.  So you add the box to it.  Once the box is added, you place an event for the Spriter Object to set its position to the box.  After that, just pin it to the box.  

I set up an event where pressing W will spawn one.  I kept shooting them out and my frame rate only went from 60 to 59.  That's pretty impressive.  

Next up: Trying to figure out how to randomize cloths and changing color.  Hopefully I can try that this weekend.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Starting to Use Spriter in Construct 2

Since my last post, I've animated my character, I've thrown him in Construct 2, and I'm loving the way it looks.  His naturally pixelated nature isn't hurting it at all.  And, frankly, that was a huge worry of mine.  You can check out a blurry, phone video test below.

So now I'm getting my grubby fingers around Spriter and I'm finally starting to understand it.  Not the animation, but using it with Construct 2.  The documentation is still very early, which I understand, but I just want my answers now.  I'm greedy like that.  One major problem is the origin point on the Spriter object.  Basically, the "Object" is a square and the animation happens on that square.  The problem is that its placing the art in the middle of that square and that square is sitting on the platform.  So I have the animations too high up (see picture above.).


Monday, November 17, 2014

Civilian In Game "Turn Around" Finished

Took a little time on lunch and finished the "turn around" for my practice NPC.  I should be able to start figuring out which piece goes where before bringing it into Spriter.  I'm also thinking that I should draw the pivot points onto the sprites now.  It should make it easier to plot those out in the other program.  Hopefully I can get it in and working in the next couple of days.

Stay tuned for more.